Sunday, June 6, 2010

Peter Shepherd Wins, Razveganpucker, and Donut Economics

A ginormous congratulations to Peter Shepherd - winner of the First Annual Psycho Donut Pizza Eating Competition! Peter finished a 2.5lb Donut Pizza, establishing a record time of 7 minutes and 20 seconds. Christina was a verrrry close runner-up. Thanks also to our other contestants - Bernd, Ramon, and Brett. Pictures are up on our Facebook page. You can also watch a video of the beginning, middle, and end of the competition.

We'd like to thank Jeff Kramer of ComedySportz for adding an improvisational narrative and a couple of Comedy Sportz tickets; and to Psycho artist Simon Salas - for donating a signed print to the winner.

Thanks to all our friends and fans for joining us on National Donut Day for CottonBalls, and for participating in our National Donut Hangover event on June 5. Our good friend Bruce Rogers dropped in for some spontaneous fun too!

And now we turn our attention to the Psycho future... It's a new week, and another opportunity for crazy new Donuts of the Week. It's June, which means Pride Month is here. And as we prepare for the annual San Francisco Pride Parade, Psycho Donuts is proud to announce Fried Pride. This chocolate cake donut is topped with chocolate icing and a rainbow of M&M's.

Our Veganologist is proud of this week's creation as well. Please give a doughy welcome to Razveganpucker. Hey, if the Germans can string long words together, why can't we? And besides, Razveganpucker is fun to say. This vegan cake donut is topped with crushed freeze-dried raspberries, with a sour splash of keylime juice.

Calling all aspiring donut economists! We want your prediction on a donut economics puzzle... This Wednesday we'll make one (and only one) 14" Donut Pizza; Its fried life shall commence at 6am - at a premium price of $30 (they normally sell for $25, but you can't usually just walk in and buy one). You may have noticed that this is not a bargain. However, the rule of scarcity applies. For each hour the Donut Pizza remains unsold, the price will decrease by $2. If the donut pizza sells at lunchtime, it will sell for $18; and if it sells in our last hour of the evening, a bargain at $2. Here's the question - how much will the Donut Pizza sell for? Post your prediction on our Facebook page now.

Maybe you'll be the one to walk in at 6am Wednesday and buy the lone Donut Pizza at a premium price - just to prove your own prediction (self-fulfilling prophecy?). Or maybe you'll be compelled to pre-order your very own custom Donut Pizza (with your own Psycho topping choices) by calling 408-378-4540!