Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Psycho Father's Day!!

Psycho Donuts has conducted an extensive research experiment, and we've discovered the definitive list of what crazy dads want this Father's Day:

CRAZY DADS LIKE BEER. But what's that got to do with donuts? Only everything! Let's begin with the BeerNutz Donut. This might be the first beer-filled donut ever! We start with a Rogue Mocha Porter - combined with milk chocolate and dark malt extract - to create our Psycho porter mocha pastry cream filling. We then top this Father's Day oddity with chocolate, Beer Nuts, and a beer mug drizzle.

CRAZY DADS LIKE BASEBALL. And for this reason, we'll be making plenty of Suicide Squeeze donuts. These chocolate-filled baseball donuts are topped with a range of pulverized toppings, from Oreos and Whoppers, to Butterfinger candy bar and more.

CRAZY DADS LIKE SNACKS. What man doesn't reach for the bowl of snacks during the game? But in this case, the snacks are built into the donut. It's the Dulce De Psycho. This raised donut is filled with a Caramel Dulce De Leche pastry cream, and topped with pretzels and chocolate drizzle.

If your dad likes baseball, snacks and beer, then your Father's Day choice is clear! And you're going to bring him where...?

Psycho Donuts Father's Day atrocities will be available all weekend long, starting on Friday, June 18. See you at Psycho Donuts!