Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stone Cold Psychos - 3 days and counting!

A chilling announcement from the Psycho research laboratory. After several minutes of human trials, our Psycho Pscientists are proud to bring you Stone Cold Psychos. The ultimate pfusion dessert is ready to greet your taste budz! Stone Cold Psychos are donuts and ice cream (or as we like to say, Iscream), bonded together in unholy matrimony.

Making Stone Cold Psychos is a crazy, complex process. First, we hack a Psycho in half (donut, that is), surgically implant Iscream, stitch the wounded soldier back together, and freeze. Repeat. Complicated, right?

Stone Cold Psychos. Coming to a Psycho Donuts near you (or at least one in Campbell, California), starting 4th of July weekend.

And on July 4th and 5th, come get a Psycho Patriotic TacOnut! Our Pstrawberry TacOnuts are quickly becoming pfamous! Come get one this weekend. We'll add blueberries and whipped cream for the full spectrum of obligatory American hues. The fireworks show this 4th of July will be in your mouth!

Finally, we're thrilled to announce a partnership with our friends at Natasha's Attic in San Jose. If you've been to Psycho Donuts, you've probably experienced our Psycho Pfoto Cell. With the help of Natasha's Attic, our selection of costumes has greatly expanded. How silly do you wanna look in your Psycho pfoto opp? It's up to you! Pay a visit to Natasha's Attic next time you need a crazy costume of your own! And ask the Nurse on Duty to help complete your Psycho pfoto experience!