Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 100th Birthday Pfrida!

July 6 is Frida Kahlo's 100th birthday, and we wanted to create a donut in her image. Designing donuts is not always easy. It's not like a wax museum or an ice carving, where you can create serious lifelike replications. You might throw some dough in the fryer with good intentions, but rarely does it come out looking like Frida Kahlo. So sometimes you have to focus on distinguishing
characteristics... And with that introduction, we're happy to announce this week's Donut creation: Pfrida's Passion. This raised donut doesn't compete with Frida's artistic talent; but like Frida, it's filled with passion, er, passionfruit. It has a strawberry icing, and a dark chocolate unibrow. Enough said...!

In our Vegan department, we're featuring the Berry Pucker this week. It's a vegan cake donut, topped with crushed freeze dried strawberries and keylime juice.

Thanks for those of you who made it in for 4th of July weekend. We'll continue with the 4th of JulOnet (or as one of our Facebook fans suggested, Pstars and Pstripes) through Monday, July 5.