Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is Your Mom Da Bomb?

This weekend, Psycho Donuts is honoring all crazy moms. Which probably includes your own mom. And let's face it, if your mom is crazy, it's probably your fault.

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only - bring your crazy mom to Psycho Donuts for something unusually unusual this Mother's Day weekend.

For starters, there's A Mother's Love. This uncharacteristically nice donut has a raspberry glaze complete with a Mom tattoo. This is the one tattoo you'll never regret! And just like your own mom, it's full of everything that good and sweet - in this case - a homemade white chocolate, passion fruit filling.

Our second Mother's Day donut is the bomb. No, seriously, it's Da Bomb. Because your mom is da bomb! Bomb squads have already figured out that this particular explosive can only be dismantled orally. If you refer to the technical diagram to your right, you'll see that the detonation device is an Oreo Cookie® bomb over a cherry-red glaze. But what really makes this donut explode is its gourmet chocolate filling. Show your mom she's da bomb, only at Psycho Donuts!

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Come and get your Mother's Day donuts this weekend only - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - and give that crazy mom of yours a big psycho hug!