Monday, May 10, 2010

Donuts and Nurses and Art, Oh My!

When we started Psycho Donuts a year ago, we never imagined that artists would paint original works inspired by donuts and nurses... just because we asked.

But that's exactly what has happened. And that's also why we are ecstatic about this Saturday's event called Donuts and Nurses and Art, Oh My! Where else can you find trippy, original artwork starting for as little as $40? Only at Psycho Donuts, this Saturday - May 15 - starting at 10am.

Check out original affordable artwork by local artists - like Christine Benjamin, Lacey Bryant, Michael Foley, Sheri DeBow, Eric Joyner, Simon Salas, Murphy Adams, Nic Caesar, Michael Borja, John Hageman, Michelle Waters and more.

Artist Trina Merry will entertain audiences with her live body painting and artist Christine Benjamin and Ivy Atoms will be on-site painting some cool creatures on canvas!

And of course, we'll have our insane collection of donuts, including Crazy Face, Headbanger, and S'mores (rated one of the Top 10 Donuts Coast-to-Coast by Maxim Magazine).

So mark your own psycho calendar, and join us this Saturday, May 15, for Donuts and Nurses and Art, Oh My! Starting at 10:00am, and only at Psycho Donuts!

In other crazy news, we have some special Dementables of the Week for your culinary donut pleasure - The Psycho Passionata is a raised donut filled with a white chocolate passion fruit. And our vegan friends have been asking us to amp up the craziness of our vegan goodies. This week, the vegan department of Psycho Donuts is featuring the Kooky Vegan. This vegan bad boy is topped with chocolate icing and Oreo® Cookies. Special thanks to our friend Danny at Streetlight Records in San Jose for sharing some veganology lessons with us.