Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Psycho TacOnut. Taco or Donut?

Question: what do you get when you mix a dog with a horse? A Dorse (of Corse). Now that you get our crazy game of wordplay -- what do you get when you mix a taco with a donut? A TacOnut. Or in this case, our outrageous new Psycho Pstrawberry TacOnut!

This is a donut game-changer. We should change our name to Brilliant Donuts (it might even make some unnamed groups happy)! And by way of brilliant illustration, we point your attention deficit disorder to the edible delectable, stage left.

Since we've already donutized burgers, fries, and pizzas - it was time to take our donutizing south of the border. But Mexico has never seen a taco like ours (¿Qué es eso, Jose?) It's a donut-taco shell, with a hint of cinnamon and sugar. Inside you'll find super-fresh strawberries in a refreshing strawberry glacé. What's a glacé? It's a bourgeois substitution for a seriously killer strawberry glaze.

So you think you're gonna just stop by Psycho Donuts and buy one? Nice try. Getting a TacOnut will take some strategic planning and a bit of luck. We will initially introduce TacOnuts over Memorial Day weekend (May 29 -31). You'll find our TacOnut to be dressed patriotically at this time... Word of advice. Early.

You can also get a TacOnut on National Donut Day (Friday, Jun 4), or at our Donut Hangover Day Event and Donut Eating Contest (Saturday, June 5). Learn more about these fun and unusual events on our Facebook page, and find out about our CottonBall donuts, and our Homey Donut Pizza Eating Contest!

Wanna compete in our donut eating contest? Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to learn how. The winner will receive a signed piece of insane art from Psycho artist, Simon Salas, along with other Psycho prizes.