Sunday, May 16, 2010

Meet Marla - Psycho Donut of the Week!

Have You Heard? We are kickin' it up like eleventy-seven notches! Donut of the Week and Vegan of the Week . . .

This week, meet Marla, our Donut of the Week! Marla, meet all our daffy donuteros! You will totally dig this girl! Marla is a maple but her Butterfinger dusting has made it tough to keep her man on hand. She's a hopin' that a little bit o' p'nut butter will increase her sticky-ocity. You will have to try her youself and see if you fall in love with her. If we notice more comb-overs in the shop we'll know why!

The Vegan of the Week? Keeping with our P'but Butty theme our flavor for you this week is Coco Nutty! Chocolate Icing, Cocoa Crunchies and that one-jar vegan food group peanut butter! Love this protein treat b4 it is committed to only your memory!