Sunday, May 2, 2010

May the Fourth be With You!

Tuesday is Star Wars Day, and we just couldn't contain ourselves. The Psycho kitchen was busy this past weekend. We prototyped an R2Donut, C3P0nut, and even Luke/Leia fraternal twin donuts (but that got weird fast). Ultimately, we became obsessed with Chewbacca. And so it is with great fanfare, that we introduce The Psycho Wookie. Our glazed wookie has a coat of fur fashioned from coconut and cinnamon. With donut hole eyes and a cookie nose, he's the cutest wookie this side of Naboo. He's the wookie with a cookie. But Psycho Wookies are hard to find in this galaxy, and you'll need to come early on Tuesday to get one. May the 4th be with you!

And since it's May, baseball season has officially arrived at Psycho Donuts. We'd like to thank our very own Psycho Donuts Little League team in Campbell - for coming up with the idea and name of our new baseball donut -- The Suicide Squeeze. You'll definitely want to catch this one before the season is over. Filled with chocolate, The Suicide Squeeze is topped with either Oreo Cookie® dust or Whopper® dust. Welcome to the Psycho Field of Dreams. We've built it, will you come?