Sunday, May 30, 2010

Contest #3 and Donuts of the Week

The First Annual Psycho Donut Pizza Eating Competition (PDPEC?) is only 6 days away. Don't miss it! This Saturday (6/5/10) at 2pm, at Psycho Donuts.

Contestant #3 was made to be around Psycho Donuts. Since the age of 8, Brett has enjoyed working in a Toy Factory in Fresno. In his own words, "There my father and I would spent countless hours, testing, preparing and inspecting each toy as it passed on the line. Everything went perfect, aside from the countless 'accidental' deaths that ocurred. Business as usual. Until...

When our economy decided to take a fall, we decided to close the factory down. Many workers were upset and threatened to reveal us for 'what we really are'. We shipped one last line of toys called Insignifi-Bears, with realistic human-like faces. This was our most profitable line, but so bitter-sweet.

I ended up with thousands of stuffed toys, but no real friends. In time, they became my friends, my enemies and my ... well, you get the picture. Depicted here is an image of me having so much fun with my friends. No animals were harmed in the making of these photos, just stuffed ones."

I think you'll agree that Brett (aka 'Retch,') belongs at Psycho Donuts... maybe permanently. Watch him try to out-eat his competitors this coming Saturday - as they each battle their own 14" Donut Pizza demon, in 8 minutes or less!

And now, it's time to announce the Psycho Donuts of the Week. Each week, another demented atrocity for your joyful ingestment (ingestmest could be a word...).

The Vegan Department at Psycho Donuts is giddy to announce the Nutty Vegan. Who knew vegans could find something so tasty to eat? This vegan donut is topped with Nutter Butter cookies and peanut butter. Om, peace, shanti... No animals or dairy products were killed in the making of this donut.

The Un-Vegan Department at Psycho Donuts is proud to announce the Pink Panda this week. This chocolate cake donut is topped with strawberry icing, and Strawberry Hello Panda cookies.

And speaking of Strawberries - the Psycho Pstrawberry TacOnut is the most amazing donut on the planet! Come get one on Memorial Day, when we'll be topping our TacOnuts with blueberries and whipped cream. What a great way to be patriotic inside and out! If you miss them on Memorial Day, you can still get one next week.

Speaking of which - Friday June 4 is National Donut Day. We'll be serving up Pstrawberry TacOnuts the whole weekend. And we'll also be making Psycho Cottonballs on Friday afternoon... Donut Holes... cotton candy... skewers... got it?

And on Saturday June 5- it's National Donut Hangover Day at Psycho Donuts. Special surprises in the morning... and of course, it's the Donut Pizza Eating Competition at 2pm. The winner will receive a hand-signed piece of artwork, from Psycho artist, Simon Salas, along with branded Psycho gear.

Don't miss all the fun; join us for some Crazy Good times at Psycho Donuts!