Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sarah and Vinnie arrive; Donut McPsycho and More!

A huge thanks to our new friends from San Francisco's Alice Radio 97.3. Sarah and Vinnie took their Secret Show on the road for the first time - to Psycho Donuts! Sarah, Vinnie, Human, Uzette - you're crazy! Of course, we like that. We almost got a straitjacket on Human. Maybe next time... at a minimum, he failed the ink blot test!

There is a LOT going on at Psycho Donuts. Let's start with LONGER HOURS! Psycho Donuts is now open until 9pm every night, except Friday and Saturday - when we open until 11pm. Make Psycho Donuts your new place to hang out in the evening!

Bring on the bacon and eggs! Huh? You may already be familiar with our notorious Hamburger Donut - a donut disguised as a burger with bacon, honey-butter, and strawberry jam. We've officially renamed this doughy maverick; heretofore known as Donut McPsycho. Why the change? Because now - you can add an egg for a buck. This is one truly Psycho breakfast sandwich! Come try one today!

And finally, we're giddy to announce the arrival of the Psycho Cone Bar. WTF? We are already serving killer coffee from our loony friends at Tony's Coffee. But now, you can get a custom cup of single origin Ethiopian jolt. Watch as our nurse grinds the coffee for your custom cup - right before your eyes! Come experience our Psycho Cone Bar today!

Stay tuned for details on upcoming Psycho events!