Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome new Psycho artists!

We'd like to extend a crazy welcome to the latest artists to join the Psycho family.

Eric Joyner has built an impressive following. Featured in exhibits around the world, Eric happened upon the idea of painting robots and donuts. The ironic combination of these disparate elements creates a quirky style that is collected by serious art aficionados around the world. We're lucky to have several of Eric's limited edition prints gracing (I was so tempted to say disgracing, but his work is too good for my typical writing) the walls of Psycho Donuts!

Which leads us to outrageous work of Simon Salas. Simon's work looks like it was made for Psycho Donuts - and in fact, now it is! Simon is painting original pieces, inspired by donuts - specifically for Psycho Donuts. Simon is a California native. His style tends toward the deep and contemplative, but it's uniquely his own mantra. Simon's work officially hit the Psycho ward earlier today.

Stop by to check out our new artwork, and have a donut. Life is short!