Sunday, March 7, 2010

Psycho Bday Recap, Longer Hours, and PsychEaster

Thanks to all of our old and new Psycho friends for joining us at Psycho Donuts First Birthday and Donut Homecoming Event. A crazy time was had by all! A special thanks to our good friend Bruce Rogers of Korkaraoke, for the insane karaoke antics. Stay tuned for a video montage of karaoke performances! Also, a special thanks to our hard working staff of Psycho Kooks and Nurses, who worked like crazy - literally.

We'd also like to congratulate our contest winners. Cynthia Brunn is the winner of The Donut Guy naming contest. No longer is our running donut named "Donut Guy." Heretofore, he shall be known as LoonyBen! Thanks to Cynthia and all of our other fans who submitted name ideas. We were also partial to names such as Syd Delicious, Willy Wacko, 5150, Norman Bites, and Nucking D. Futz. But alas, the Psycho fans have spoken by popular vote...

An extra special congratulations to Monika Rose - the winner of Psycho Donuts #1 Fan Competition. Contestants endured a written Psycho trivia quiz, bubble wrapping contest, and blind taste test.

Monika proved she has the Psycho chops, and earned the title of #1 Psycho Fan. What she doesn't yet know is that the title comes with huge responsibilities - sorta like Miss America. Clear your calendar Monika!

In other exciting news - you asked for it, and here it is - LONGER PSYCHO HOURS! Effective Monday, March 8 - Psycho Donuts is now open until 9pm every night - except Fri/Sat - when we're open until 11pm. Come for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or nightcap. The Psychos are here for you with a donut and bubblewrap therapy!

Which brings us to our next crazy event. Join us on April 4 for PsychEaster. Korkaraoke will be on hand with Psycho Karaoke; Psycho Donuts will also participate in Downtown Campbell's "Bunnies and Bonnets" Parade at noon. Want to be in the parade with us? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter over the next couple of weeks; and find out how you can be part of the Psycho parade lineup!

Finally, for those of you in Santa Clara - our crazy friends at Blondie's Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream are now selling Psycho Donuts. Stop in for some great yogurt, and pick up a Psycho Donut while you're there!