Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Donut Homecoming

Can a donut have a diagnosed illness? Apparently the answer is no... Who knew?! Can a donut attend a homecoming event? In this case, the answer is affirmative (unless the Homecoming Coalition shows up with protest signs).

We're 3 days away from Psycho Donuts Birthday Celebration and Homecoming Event. We'll be celebrating our first year as a psycho baby, and what a crazy year it's been... Join us this Saturday, March 6. We'll kick off the event with Psycho KorKaraoke at 10am. We'll announce the winner of the Donut Guy Naming Contest at 11am, and the winner of the #1 Psycho Fan Contest at 1pm. Then, join us as Picture Atlantic rocks the Psycho Bin at 1:30pm.

The Homecoming portion of our event celebrates a handful of donuts that ran away from the nuthouse at a young age. Happily, these missing donuts phoned home, and will be attending our event on Saturday. While they've grown up a bit, their character hasn't changed much.

Let's start with The Psycho. This naughty donut should be arrested for tastebud assault. It'll cut you four ways: sweet, sour, salty, and spicy! It's a raised donut with a lemon-chocolate marshmallow glaze, pretzels, and chili powder. Welcome home Psycho!

Anyone remember The Jitterbug? Jitterbug joined a cult, but after some brainwashing, has come back to the madhouse to pay a visit. The jitterbug is infused with a healthy extraction of Tony's Coffee - creating a caffeinated glaze - then topped with pretzels and chocolate drizzle.

Finally, many of our Psycho friends have been longing for the return of Lightning Lemon. This sourpuss has a vanilla glaze, graham crackers, and oozes lemony goodness from the middle.

Finally, we may also have some *people* come back to Psycho Donuts for Homecoming. Rumor has it that Nurse Isabel will return to the Psycho den to pay us a visit. Many of you will remember Isabel as the face of Psycho Donuts. Isabel, you can run, but you'll never escape! Once a Psycho, always a Psycho!