Tuesday, March 30, 2010

World's Craziest Easter Donut

A killer Easter donut is on the loose, and only Psycho Donuts has the courage to introduce such an infant monster to the world.

Please extend a crazy welcome to Massive Egg Trauma. If there were such a thing as Donut Oscars (Donoscars?), Massive Egg Trauma would be up there with The Hurtlocker and Avatar. A special thanks to Web, our PhD (Professor, Hysterical Donuts). Web worked manically with our kooks to bring Massive Egg Trauma to life support.

Massive Egg Trauma is a particularly peculiar premature peepling, precariously perched (say that 10 times) atop a ginormous mess of jelly filling, which sits atop a raised donut. Come get one this weekend at our PsychEaster event on Sunday! Or call our Nurse on Duty at 408-378-4540, and order your PsychEaster basket (complete with Massive Egg Trauma and his demented Easter friends) today!

And - this Thursday only - it's Lab Day at Psycho Donuts. Come experiment with us. Among other things, we'll be serving up individually brewed, designer cups of killer coffee before your googly eyes. Come get an amazing cup of personalized java, made just for your by a Psycho Nurse - this Thursday only!

Let's summarize the fun stuff coming this weekend at Psycho Donuts!

Thursday: Lab Day! Donuts, Nurses & Fire; personal designer coffee

Saturday: Psycho Donuts will jeopardize the Campbell Parade.

Sunday: PsychEaster Event, starting at 10am. Karaoke, PsychEaster Donuts, live music.

Monday: There's a small local cable channel... I think it's called The Eating Network - or something like that... Anyways, they're trying to ride Psycho Donuts coattails to media fame. It's preposterous - they think a channel broadcasting only about food and cooking might have a future on National Cable TV. Hysterical. Anyways, you might have a chance to display your face on this fledgling TV broadcast. Check our Facebook Page for all the details.