Sunday, June 17, 2012

Psycho Psliders Stars and Pstripes

Fox and Friends Went Psycho!  Pseriously!
Father's Day was Crazy Good at Psycho Donuts!  Dads loved our Dulce De Psycho - topped with chocolate and pretzels.  Everyone loved Psycho Psliders - loaded with Little Lou's pulled pork inside 3 donut slider buns.  FoodBeast couldn't resist writing about our Psliders!

Beer Nutz!
Beer Nutz claimed the Psycho PR prize though!  Everyone is talking about our Beer Nutz donut - filled with Rogue Mocha Porter Pastry Cream, and topped with chocolate and Beer Nuts!  Maybe you saw the Fox News Anchors stuffing their faces with Beer Nutz on Fox and Friends.  Really, we 'donut' make this pstuff up!  Or maybe you read about Beer Nutz on TrendHunter, or Foodbeast.

Pstars & Pstripes!

July 4th is just around the corner - which means it's time for Pstars and Pstripes!  Show your patriotic side by eating an American Flag this year!  You'll happily ingest crunchy white chocolate states alongside red and white icing pstripes.  The whole patriotic mess is filled with raspberry jelly.
Nurse Karissa & Psliders!

And 4th of July is never complete without a good ole American barbeque - and for this very reason, Psycho Psliders will remain on the Psycho menu throughout the month of July!  If you've always dreamed of eating an amazing pulled pork sandwich on a donut fun bun, this is your chance!

Psycho Nurses have seen their share of local fame.  If their Psycho Rn career is lasting, TV cameras eventually come around - and they find themselves in newspapers, magazines, and the local news.  But it's not often when a Psycho Nurse becomes a veritable star, landing a role opposite the amazing Milla Jovovich.  We would like to extend a pseriously huge congratulations to Psycho Nurse Dylan - who won the Face of The Fan contest, with an amazing cameo in the upcoming movie - Resident Evil: Retribution.  You GO Dylan!