Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fright Nights and Bipolar Zombies

Keeping up with the raging insanity at Psycho Donuts can drive a person certifiably crazy.  Good thing we have a padded cell and bubble wrap...  Here's a summary of the current madness in our dystopic, dynamic donut den.

Psycho Donuts has been granted the honor of creating a Fright Nights Donut for The Winchester Mystery House. Why not?  Two crazy places - both on Winchester Blvd?  It's a match made in... uh, somewhere very strange. Double your Dystopia?  We will announce details of the Fright Nights donut soon.  And stay tooned to Psycho Facebook for Fright Nights contests - where you can win free tickets to the world's most amazing haunted house, on the grounds of Winchester Mystery House!

Pork Donut Fusion?
Psycho Donuts is stalking Porky's San Jose Food Truck.  As a result, Porky's is now selling Psycho Porky's Psliders - an amazing pork sandwich, nestled inside of a Psycho Donut Bun.  Stalk the Porky's food truck yourself, and donut miss the bipolar combination of Donut Bun and pork.  Which leads us to...

Psycho Makes Big Screen Debut!
Psycho Donuts was featured in the San Francisco premiere of the documentary film, Of Two Minds.  In a true-life example of irony, Psycho Donuts provided the half-time comic relief in an otherwise emotionally charged film - which gets down to brass tacks on living with Bipolar Disorder.  Directors Doug Blush and Lisa Klein have created a powerful film which has received critical acclaim and has resulted in sold-out venues from city to city.   SF Weekly had this to say.  Speaking of irony, Psycho Donuts is thrilled that that OF TWO MINDS will make it's South Bay premiere at Psycho San Jose and Camera 3 in early November.  Crazy details are coming soon!

Nurse Lea in Zombie Metamorphasis. Run!

Zombie-O-Rama took place in Downtown San Jose on Friday, August 31.  Psycho Nurse Lea fell victim to the Zombie invasion, but managed to hold down the fort in spite of her altered state.  Psycho Donuts havestested Zombie Balls - a psycho treat that was enjoyed by about a thousand zombie cannibals at Psycho San Jose.  Psycho Donuts is looking forward to next year's zombie festivities, and is already breeding to prepare next year's batch of Zombie Ballz.  While it's sometimes a challenge, the the donut business really is a ball.

Psycho Empenadas?
As the Pstrawberry Pseason winds down, Chef Ron was challenged to replace the Pstrawberry TacOnut with an equally insane Psubstitute.Ron searched his increasingly unstable mind, and two amazing empenadas jumped from his brain to the donut fryer.  Chef Ron is giddy to announce the Banana Dulce De Leche Empenada, and the Caramel Apple Empenada.  Is there any place donuts can't go?

Psycho Campbell's New Front Window Vibe

Psycho Donuts Campbell has been going through a transition that won't quit.  What was once Campbell Donuts and Yogurt, has transformed into the world's most unusual donut shop.  It was only natural that the exterior windows would ultimately exude the crazy nature of Psycho Donuts.  With the help of local artists, Working Class Villains, and Avila Studios, Psycho Campbell is truly channeling the right vibe.

Dwayne Hole Lives!

When we requested a combined look of Shutter Island meets Candyland, it resulted in an 18-month project. No wonder...  But the result?  Truly Psycho Donuts!  Finally, congratulations to Psycho Facebook Fan, Jennifer Ress-Bush, for winning the naming contest of Looney Ben's (aka Donut Guy's) son - heretofore known as "Dwayne Hole."  Welcome to the dysfunctional family, Dwayne!