Sunday, September 16, 2012

Psycho Meets Fright Nights at Winchester Mystery House

Quick - name the top two crazy attractions along Winchester Blvd!  If you said Starbucks and Chipotle, you need to spend some quality time in the Psycho Padded Cell!  Psycho Donuts has always been excited to work with The Winchester Mystery House.  And what better time of year than Halloween for these two crazy companies to collaborate?!

Winchester Mystery House turns into Fright Nights, starting on September 28.  If you're not afraid of haunted houses, you obviously haven't been to Fright Nights yet!  And this year's Fright Nights event includes Psycho Donuts!  The world's scariest haunted house is pairing up with the world's most unusual donut shop. Now that's frightening!

Going to Fright Nights? Hang onto your ticket stub and swing by Psycho Donuts afterward.  Show your same-day ticket stub to the Psycho Nurse and get 10% off your donut of choice!

Sarah's Lucky 13!
Psycho Donuts has created two Fright Nights donutrocities. Everyone knows that Sarah Winchester was madly obsessed with macabre things.  Sarah's Lucky 13 honors Sarah's obsession with an otherwise unlucky number.  Lucky 13 is filled with raspberry jelly, and iced in chocolate.  On top is a vanilla spider web drizzle, and a blood-red 13.

The Winchester Skull!

Take a close look at The Winchester Mystery House logo - and you'll notice a skull staring back at ya.  The Winchester Mystery Cream allows you to truly taste The Winchester Mystery House.  Filled with bavarian cream, The Winchester Mystery Cream is iced in chocolate, with a powdered-sugar skull on top.

Sarah's Lucky 13 and The Winchester Skull will be available at both Psycho Donuts stores - and even occasionally at The Winchester Café, beginning on September 26.

Stay tooned to Psycho Donuts Facebook, and Winchester Mystery House Facebook- where you can enter challenges to win Fright Night tickets and Psycho Donuts!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Empenada!

In other Psycho news, Chef Ron recently created the Chocolate Peanut Butter Empenada.  The world skipped a beat, and Foodbeast wrote all about it!

Ordering Psycho Donuts just got even easier.  Wanna skip the crazy people in line at Psycho Donuts?  Pre-order your psychos to go!  Visit our crazy online ordering system and your donuts will eagerly await your pickup!

And finally, Marcus D of Alice Radio 97.3 named Psycho Donuts one of the Top 10 Donut Shops in the Bay Area!   Thanks for the great article, Marcus!