Sunday, June 3, 2012

Psycho Psliders. Pseriously.

The Psycho Research Division has been hard at work uncovering the real facts about your dad.  The fact is... your dad really wants GAME FOOD this Father's Day.  Armed with this crazy fact, Chef Ron unleashed his inner Psycho, and humanity shuddered with innate fear over Ron's impending Psycho creations...

Psycho Psliders
'Donut' let this this Slider bun fool you.  What you're looking at is the world's first pull-apart triplet donut fun bun.   Imagine three donut buns deliberately fused together.  With a gentle fatherly tug, your dad will expertly separate these conjoined triplets into distinct and individual Psycho Psliders.

But here's the truly Psycho part of this Father's Day Donutrocity - these Psycho Pslider buns are loaded with barbecued pulled pork, straight from Little Lou's Barbecue in Campbell.  Mix the best donuts with the best barbecued pork in town, and you get Psycho Psliders!   You can also buy these identical Psycho Psliders down the street from Psycho Campbell at Little Lou's!

Could anything go better with Sliders than beer?  So you won't be psurprised to witness the return of...

Beer Nutz
Beer inside of a donut?  Well it's not like we just pour a bottle of beer through a gaping hole in side of a donut.  At least, not quite.  We first mix up a Rogue Mocha Porter with pastry cream and malt extract - resulting in a super-rich, dad-approved flavor.  And then we pour it through a gaping hold in the side of the donut!  We top the beast with chocolate icing and chopped Beer Nuts.  Our Psycho Drizzling Department fashions a multi-flavor beer mug from our fancy drizzling doohickeys.

Let's take stock - so far, we've got meat, beer, and nuts.  Seems we almost overlooked an important food group.  Oh yeah, pretzels!

Dulce De Psycho
Take a raised donut and fill it with caramel and dulce de leche pastry creme.  Hit it with some chocolate icing, pretzels, and chocolate drizzle, and call it Father's Day Dessert!

And there ya have it - a Psycho trifecta of deranged dad donuts!  Where will you be taking your crazy dad this Father's Day?

Psycho Psliders, Beer Nutz, and Dulce De Psycho will be available at both Psycho Donuts locations, starting the week prior to Father's Day!  Like Psycho Donuts on Facebook, and find out the exact launch date for our Father's Day Donutrocities!

The 3rd Annual Donut Pizza Eating Contest took place at Psycho Campbell on Saturday, June 2.  As always, it was a Psycho Pspectacle to behold! Psycho congratulations to Chris Ruddell, our winner of this year's contest.

Check out the video montage and relive the insanity! And check out some great pictures, courtesty of The Campbell Patch!