Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Frosticles and Pucker Ballz

We did some Psycho Pondering and asked ourselves, "Selves, what if Psycho fans could DRINK our donuts?" Hmm, donuts in liquid form?

What do you get when you combine the crazy flavors of Psycho Donuts with ice, a chunk of cake donut (yes, a real donut...), and a blender? You get...


While you're reading this weird blog, preliminary Frosticle models are already rolling off the Psycho Assembly Line at Psycho Campbell (coming soon to Psycho San Jose too)!

Initial Frosticle varieties are Kooky Monster, Manic Malt, and Strawberry Fields. We will be launching additional Frosticle flavors soon! Let us know which Psycho Donut varieties you'd like to experience in liquid form! Frosticles... fun to say, weirdly yummy to drink!

Psycho Donuts - Your Trickery Partner!

April Fools Day is just around the corner. Here's a trick you can play on your friends and co-workers. Purchase any dozen donuts and tell the nurse, "Trick or Treat" (rolls off the tongue nicely, even on April Fools Day). We have programmed our Nurse Robots with speech recognition software. When they detect the sound of the "Trick or Treat" code word, the Nursebot will be compelled to throw in a free basket of...


Pucker Ballz don't look tricky, but good tricks are deceptive; and Pucker Ballz are deceptively sour. No, strike that. Pucker Ballz are offensively sour! Place the basket of Pucker Ballz on the conference room table and watch the reaction of your friends and co-workers as they unwittingly fall victim to your sour April Fools Day humor. Donut feel guilty; it serves 'em right for not following Psycho Donuts' blog or Facebook posts...

Upload a video of someone caught in the act of 'Pucker Ballz surprise.' Whoever uploads the funniest video will receive a Psycho T-shirt!

Happy April Fools Day. Make Psycho Donuts an unusual part of your tricky day!