Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Now Hiring Psycho Nurse STAT

New Years Resolution: I refuse to work at another lame restaurant or coffee shop in 2012. I endeavor to find a crazy work experience, at a high-energy company - which thinks and operates in ironic and unconventional ways. I want to really know the people I work for, without complex layers of hierarchy. I don't want to ultimately report into some Corporate Headquarters in Timbuktu. I want to work where my ideas can be be taken seriously by the CEO, and where my suggestions can often be put into action... like next week. But more than anything, I want a chance to succeed and show the world that I can make a difference. And when I prove this, I want a job that will recognize my work and give me the chance to grow.

Is this the kind of resolution you've thought about writing for 2012? Do you really, really care about where you work, and how your own personal mark is evident, and recognized, when you come to work?

We seek the consummate donut nurse at Psycho San Jose. Can you fit these shoes? I naturally engage in memorable banter with our crazy customers. I'm passionate about selling the craziest donuts on the planet. I have experience with, and an insatiable passion, for all things coffee. I multi-task while smiling. I frolic joyfully from task to task, while my smartphone remains smartly tucked away. I have a fairly flexible schedule, but am definitely available Mondays - Thursdays mid-day (11-ish - 6pm-ish).

The candidate we seek is looking for more than just a job. For the right motivated candidate, the Psycho Nurse position can potentially lead to a rewarding career at the world's most unusual donut shop.

Send us a text resume if you think you've got the crazy DNA we are looking for. The Chief Psycho doesn't like form letters, and he really doesn't care much for those pesky attachments. He likes simple text resumes in the body of the email. Rumor has it that Chief Psycho responds insanely well to those who take the time to tailor their resume to the position they desire. Let us know the hours you are available to work. And, this being Psycho Donuts, show us your creative side!

Why wear a Mickey D's outfit when you can be a Psycho Nurse (doctors also welcome to apply!). Send us a resume for immediate consideration. Chief Psycho sends advance condolences for being unable to personally respond to each and every resume.

In 2012, make a resolution to have an amazing answer when people ask, "Where do you work?"