Friday, January 6, 2012

Donutize This! Furries, Elvis, and The King of Pop

It's a Crazy New Year at Psycho Donuts, and we are gearing up for another year of insane donutrocities. The Psycho Facebook Fan page crossed the 10,000 Likes, just as the New Years ball dropped in New York. Facebook fan Joe Casteneda claims he was Psycho Fan 10,000, but other Psycho fans expressed outrage, accusing Joe of a "Floridian George Bush-like move." The public may never know the truth.

CBS Channel 5's Eye on the Bay has been practically living at
Psycho Donuts. Producer Chris Bolini recently put together this inventive segment about Psycho Donuts. And toon in to KCBS Channel 5, Thursday January 12 at 7pm; when a completely different segment about Psycho Donuts will make it's Eye on the Bay TV debut.

Here come The Furries! The annual Furry convention, Furrther Confusion, returns to Downtown San Jose, starting on Thursday January 12. Furries and Psychos are a match made in purgatory; and for this reason, we have created some Psycho Pspecialties in honor of our Pfurry Pfriends.

Starting on Wednesday, January 11, stop at Psycho Donuts and check out our Zebra Parts. We'll be serving up both Zebra Tails and Zebra Ballz. Zebras not your thing? Then try our Tiger Parts, in your choice of Tiger Tails or Tiger Ballz. Topped with orange icing and chocolate stripes, Tiger Tails (and Ballz!) will bring out the feline in furries and non-furries alike. Psycho Donuts is also thrilled to be judging the notorious Furry Talent Show, for a second year in a row.

And speaking of felines, did you make it to Psycho San Jose for our CATS Nurse Transformation event? Make-up guru Jimmy Goode and cast members of the musical CATS were on hand, quickly transforming our own Siobhan into a CAT Nurse. Rumor has it that Siobhan will now be starring in a remake of the movie Catwoman. Psycho thanks to KGO Radio reporter Rob Artigo for covering the event, and to our friends at Broadway San Jose for the crazy concept.

Hopefully you had the chance to taste our Kitty Litter donut while CATS was in town. If you were too scared this time around, it's likely that the Kitty will "rear" it's ugly head again in 2012.

In crazy celebrity news, Elvis will celebrate another birthday this Sunday, January 8. Are you the real Elvis? If so, come to Psycho Donuts in full costume and swagger, and get a free donut of your choice on Elvis' birthday. For everyone else, we'll be serving up our infamous Dead Elvis Donut on Sunday, while supplies last

And not to be outdone by The King of Rock n Roll, The King of Pop is another celebrity who seems to have escaped death. Case in point, catch the Michael Jackson Immortal show at The HP Pavilion on January 13 - 14. In honor of the show, the Psycho kitchen will be ramping up production of our Michael Jackson donuts and MJ Ballz. Stop at Psycho Donuts on January 13 or 14 dressed as The King of Pop, and get The Michael Jackson or MJ Ballz for half price, while supplies last.