Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pseasonal Psycho Pspecialties Psummarized

The holidaze are now fully unleashed at Psycho Donuts! Check out some of the latest donutrocities that Chef Ron has unleashed upon the world.

Grandma's Revenge. Grandma got herself a shotgun, and the reindeer are leaving her alone this year. It's time to find a new campy Christmas song, because Grandma will NOT get run over by any more reindeer!

Psycho Psufganiyot. For those rocking the Hanukah bush, come get our Psycho Psufganiyot. Is it Kosher? Is the Pope Jewish? Still and all, it's a great traditional Psufganiyot, if you're able to overlook the Silent P (we can't help ourselves).

Jingle Ballz. You've seen our other varieties of Psycho Ballz. But these are the happiest balls on the planet. They come in shades of red and green, filled with custard, and topped with fresh snow.

Psycho Wreath. For our vegan friends, this green crueller looks worthy of mounting on your front door, if it weren't for your neighbors coming to take a bite out of it.

Reindeer Droppings. Filled with mint chocolate, and topped with the best kind of reindeer droppings - chocolate covered raisins!

Psycho Tree. Admittedly less crazy than Reindeer Droppings, the Psycho Tree is a triangular raised donut, iced in green, with Mini M&M's and a vanilla drizzle. You can even bring this one to your grandparents without offending!

Lumps of Coal. Filled with mint
chocolate, and topped in coal (aka Oreo cookie dust), these are the perfect gift for the naughtiest kids on your Christmas list!

Come and get your Psycho Pseasonals before they're gone!

In Psycho Prize news, huge congratulations to TK Garcia - a Psycho Facebook fan who won the Psycho Ding Fries are Back video contest. Psycho Donuts challenged its fans to create a video based on the original Ding Fries are Done YouTube video. Admittedly, Ms. Garcia put together more of a song than a video, but catchy nonetheless. Wait for the scream... She is the proud winner of a Psycho Pseasonal Donut Pizza. 14 inches of pure Christmas Psycho insanity! Let's hope she uploads some photos.

Congrats are also in order for Psycho Facebook fan, Kishna Woo-Hare, who was the first to answer the CATS trivia question, earning two tickets to see CATS at Broadway San Jose.

Merry Hanukah, and Happy Christmas to all our Psycho Friends, Fans, and Pstaff!