Monday, December 12, 2011

Ding Fries are Back - A Psycho Contest

Psycho fans have been demanding the return of Donut Fries. Psycho Donut Fries were a Completely Crazed Concept - donuts in a french fry form factor... served with ketchup (er, jelly), or mayo (er, custard).

What became of Donut Fries? Did they go to the Great Psycho Graveyard? Fear not, Psycho friends! While the concept of donut fries was killer, they did not meet our ever-psychotic requirements for taste and quality. So Chef Ron went back to the Psycho drawing board to re-imagine the future of the Donut Fry. We are giddy to announce that Donut Fries 2.0 are now in beta, with a planned launch around the New Year. Make a resolution to come try them!

Who remembers the viral YouTube video, Ding Fries are Done? This video was so cool that even Peter sang it on Family Guy. Your Psycho challenge if you choose to accept it: Create a Ding Fries Are Done parody (Ding Fries Are Back? Or whatever you wanna call it), to help us welcome Donut Fries' return to the Psycho asylum!

Rules? Who needs rules. Create and upload your video to YouTube. Then post a link to your video on the Psycho Facebook Wall on or before Tuesday, December 20, 2011 (OMG, that's just a week away!). We'll narrow it down the best, and let our Facebook Fans vote on the winner.

Everyone who enters will be the first to sample a complimentary order of Donut Fries 2.0 (if you can pick them up at Psycho Campbell, that is)! The Grand Prize Winner will get a one-of-a-kind Christmas Eve Donut Pizza, combining the best of Psycho Christmas on a 14" donut pizza! Winner must be able to claim the donut pizza prize on Christmas Eve Day in person at Psycho Donuts Campbell.