Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Psychosis at Psycho Donuts

Bask in the holiday insanity at Psycho Donuts, where the holiday chaos is already in Full Pswing!

The Holiday donutrocities are emerging from the Pyscho kitchen. Here what we've unleashed so far, with much more to come!

Grandma's Revenge is an annual favorite, since everyone loves an
injured reindeer donut! IKR? We might've called it Reindeer Head Trauma, but for the prospect of reindeer support group protests... Grandma's Revenge is the de facto Holiday Headbanger. Filled with jelly through a gaping forehead entry wound, this reindeer has seen better days. Antlers are fashioned from sawed-off chocolate pocky sticks, and his morbid chocolate facial features sit atop a bed of white icing. One thing's for sure - Grandma will not get run over by any rogue reindeer this Psycho Pseason!

If Chana Claus comes down your chimney, we've got just the thing. Psycho Psufganiyot (Silent P-suf-gun-ee-yot). This traditional Chanukah bad boy is a raised donut, filled with strawberry jelly and subjected to a Pserious Psugar Pshower. Order 'em by the dozen online, and skip the line at pick-up!

While Thanksgiving is in the past, Psycho fans are still clamoring for our Pumpkin Spice Latte and Sweet Potato Pah - still rolling off the psycho production lines through the holidays. Check out our own Psycho Donuts Decorator, Brian, as he takes a Psycho torch to a tray of innocent Sweet Potato Pahs...

We are giddy to announce our Psycho Coffee Pspecialties at Psycho San Jose, which include our Psycho Peppermint Mocha, Jekyll and Hyde Mocha, and our Caramel Psychiato. More crazy drink announcements coming Psoon at Psycho Facebook.

If you've been to Psycho Donuts, you've probably tried our Ballz... Our Psycho Ballz, that is. Psycho Ballz is our highly erratic line of donut holes including varieties such as Chocolate Salty Ballz, Piggy Ballz, Nutty Ballz, Wookie Ballz, and more. And now, you can now pick up some
Bawls with your Ballz.

A Pspecial Psycho thanks to Ben Seto (aka "The Single Guy") for his Blogtastic Psycho Review. A great review and equally killer photos of Psycho San Jose!