Monday, July 25, 2011

Psychics, Dirty Turtles, Jazz, Oldies, and Alternative

Psychic at Psycho? Hey, that has a ring to it; what a great excuse for a crazy event! Plan ahead and come to Psychic@Psycho, with renowned Bay Area psychic, Irma Slage! Irma is a psychic with psycho credentials - author, lecturer, counselor, and more. Irma has documented cases of removing ghosts from unwanted buildings and has appeared on the local news many times ("Who ya gonna call?"). Irma's crazy credentials qualify her to give psychic readings in the Psycho Padded Cell! Just $10 for a six minute psychic reading! Come check it out:

Irma Slage
Saturday, August 13
Psycho Campbell: 10am - noon
Psycho San Jose: 8pm - 10pm

Psycho Donuts is now selling Dirty Turtles. No, we haven't launched Psycho Pet Pstore... not yet. And our Dirty Turtle is
tastier than the one pictured stage right.

The Psycho Dirty Turtle is a chocolate cake donut, topped with cheesecake icing, Oreo dust, and a caramel drizzle. Get one at both Psycho locations - until the turtle returns to the swamp.

Psycho is on the radio! Have you discovered SaveAlternative Radio?
Chief Psycho is always looking for a new source of alternative music - ever since his favorite alternative FM station has gone... Mandarin? SaveAlternative plays great music along with some crazy psycho banter on Monday nights from 6:00 - 7:00pm. This is because Psycho Nurse DJ's are on the SaveAlternative airwaves each Monday night. Tune in for some great music, and get to know your Psycho nurses!

And speaking of nurses, it was full moon mayhem last week. Nurse Kylie showed up at work as... a WereRabbit? and Nurses Stephanie and Nikki came to work as something sorta dead. We're still not sure quite what... See what the Psycho Girls come up with next full moon - Saturday, August 13 - in conjunction with Psychic@Psycho!

Each weekend, tune in to Beer Run Bobby's Oldies Show on 104.9FM. Bobby is always up to some kind of crazy prank; but more importantly, he is also giving away some Psycho Donuts on the air. Maybe you'll win some Psychos.
And pspeaking of Psychos and music, Psycho Donuts is a proud sponsor of The San Jose Jazz Festival. Come check out some great live jazz on August 12 - 14 at Cesar Chavez Park in Downtown San Jose. Look around for Psycho Pstaffers, and maybe even some free donuts.

And the Psycho music collaborations just donut stop! Nurse Dylan was invited to Montalvo Arts Center to check out Vertical Horizon and Kevin Cadogan of Third Eye Blind. Dylan spawned a traditional steampunk look, and was last seen partying with Vertical Horizon. Psycho thanks to our crazy friends at Montalvo for the invite! And that Motorola Razr? Just part of that retro steampunk costume, right Dylan?