Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Fractured Fantasies of Martin Schwarz

We love our local artists at Psycho Donuts. We're looking forward to the return of local original art for a forthcoming Monster Show - in conjunction with our favorite season - Halloween!

We're equally fanatical about our Psycho Psummer Pseries of unusual art shows at Psycho
Campbell. As we wrap up our PsychoPop Show, we're excited about our new show, as we enter the realm of Psycho Psurrealism!

The Fractured Fantasies of Martin Schwartz
July 22 - Aug 18, 2011
Psycho Donuts Campbell

Martin Schwartz paints a canvas of surrealism with an Alpine twist; collage and imagination are used sparingly as a great sense of humor weaves it way throughout the prints of multiple styles in Fractured Fantasies.
Many phases of Martin Schwarz career are presented in this Psycho Art Pspectacle; the reworking of master pieces, images of surreal and haunti
ng dreams, and more.
Since 1967 Schwarz has shown internationally, though mainly in German and Switzerland, while in 1984 he
and HR Giger (of Alien fame) collaborated on works with apocalyptic themes, which were shown in Giger’s personal museum.

All of the prints are created and published by Schwarz, most are signed and numbered. This art show and sale is presented by Luxe+Demur and Psycho Donuts. The show is curated by Wallace Harper.