Monday, August 8, 2011

National Smores Day and Arnold Palmer

This Wednesday, August 10, is National S'mores Day. Do you think we make these things up just to sell S'mores Donuts? What are we, crazy? Show your patriotism, and get a S'mores donuts - ranked among the Top 10 Donuts in the US by Maxim Magazine - only at Psycho Donuts!

Arnold Palmer is in the house! That crazy combination of bitter
iced tea with the sugary rush of lemonade has been donutized! The Arnold Palmer is an iced tea-infused vegan cake donut, topped with a lemonade icing. Why drink an Arnold Palmer, when you can eat one - all month long in August at Psycho Donuts!

If an Arnold Palmer donut doesn't strike you as a little over the top, then maybe this one will. Everyone remembers that scene in Willy Wonka, where Violet Beauregard turns into a giant blueberry. If you enjoyed that
scene, and you like blueberries - then it's a pretty good bet you're gonna love our new Psycho Ballz creation... Violet Ballzregard. These blueberry-enhanced donut holes will put a smile on your face and you might even be compelled to sing the oompah loompah song.

This Saturday, August 13, donut miss Psychic@Psycho. Bay Area psychic Irma Slage will be giving 6 minute psychic readings - within the Psycho Padded cell - for only $10. Come see a psychic at Psycho at either Psycho Donuts locations. Irma will be at Psycho Campbell from 10am - noon; and then at Psycho San Jose from 8pm - 10pm.