Sunday, July 10, 2011

Psychic Wookie Monsters with Road Rash

What's with all the Star Wars pstuff at Psycho Donuts? We're excited about the One Man Star Wars Show at the San Jose Reperatory Theater! Darth Vader paid a visit to Psycho Donuts over the weekend, to promote the show, which is all abuzz on Twitter. Although it's hard to tell in the photo, Darth had a big 'ole grin going on behind that evil mask.


We'll be making Wookie Ballz all week long. For this very reason, don't expect any surprise visits from Chewbacca this week... Wookies are kinda like smart turkeys around Thanksgiving...


We'll also be making a full-sized Chewbacca in honor of the growly one himself. Starting Thursday July 14-17, stop by Psycho Donuts for Chewie Dough.

Chewie Dough is a triangular raised donut, topped with cinnamon, coconut, and a chocolate/vanilla artillery belt.

Discount for your Wookie Holler?!

Psycho Pspecial! Give us a Wookie Holler when you place your order (July 14-17), and the nurse will take 50 cents off your Chewie Dough. Practice your Wookie Holler before you come!

Raspberry Road Rash!

It's been months since Nurse Dylan invented a donut. Last time Dylan designed a donut, she created a media frenzy around her Lady Gaga-inspired donuts. This time she has created Raspberry Road Rash (a name coined by Facebook Fan Ann Stolzman). In a parallel universe, Raspberry Road Rash might also be known as Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. It's pseriously psatisfying. Starting with a chocolate cake donut,
Dylan chose to top it with a cheesecake icing, freeze-dried raspberries, and a chocolate/vanilla drizzle. The result is another press-worthy Dylan creation.

Deathly HallowNut!

How many Harry Potter movies can there possibly be? In honor of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Psycho Donuts will release the Deathly HallowNut. Get one at Psycho Donuts pstarting on Friday July 15 - 19.

Howl @ The Moon!

Nurse Stephanie loves to dress up. Maybe that's why she loves her job as a Psycho Nurse. On Friday night, July 15, she will go monster with the full moon on high. Stop by Psycho San Jose and see what kind of nursely monster she summons from beyond!


Speaking of summoning from beyond, plan ahead for Psychic@ Psycho! Irma Slage is the real deal! If you've seen The 6th Sense, let's just say that Irma can identify with that little boy. Irma will be providing psychic readings at Psycho Donuts (in the padded cell, of course) on Saturday August 13. Come for your psychic reading at Psycho Campbell (10am - noon) or at Psycho San Jose (8pm - 10pm). Stay tuned to this Psycho Blog or Like Us on Facebook. More details about Psychic@Psycho psoon.

Psycho Donuts was recently invited to Villa Montalvo for a Social Network Party and Smashmouth concert. Thanks to Nathan Zanon for the invite, and to all the new crazy friends we met at the concert, including Stephanie Le of Cinequest, Team San Jose, Artsopolis, and BarbRocks. We are insanely excited about future collaboration.