Friday, January 31, 2014

StonerBowl and Anti-Valentines

What were the odds?  Denver vs Seattle.  Which side are you on?  And by that, I don't mean the Broncos vs the Seahawks...  We 'donut' pick sides at Psycho Donuts, but we sure like it when current events are just right for a crazy new donut.  We hope you enjoy the Super, er, Stoner-Bowl this weekend.  And we hereby announce our latest current event donut, this weekend only...

The Psycho PstonerBowl!

We've heard it's the favorite donut of James Blunt!  It's one half football, and another half-legal. Although you can only have so much fun with our PstonerBowl, because no medicinal herbs were harmed in the creation of this donut.  That may not stop you from eating a dozen of them.

Quantities will be limited.  Call the Nurse on Duty to preorder at (408) 378-4540!

The crazy innovation continues at Psycho Donuts, and the local press is paying attention; so a quick shout out to Lauren Hepler at The Silicon Valley Business Journal for this great article, and also this one.  And to Jackie Burrell at The Bay Area News Group for covering our new Gluten Free-Range line-up.

Let's move on and disgust Valentines Day... Love is in the air, and happy couples walk in a drunken stupor of Cupid's arrow.  Right up until they enter Psycho Donuts...  Because Valentine's Day at Psycho Donuts is opposite day.  If you're not lost in love, but rather, have lost your love, then our nurse on duty has just the donut prescription for you this year.

Blue Ballz with a side of Bawls!
Above, Nurse Aleena is modeling alongside our, ahem, Blue Ballz. They're topped in Smurf-blue icing, and filled with custard.  Better than a stiff drink at a dive bar, Blue Ballz will cure what ails you this Valentine's Day.  Pick up a bottle of Bawls to accompany your Blue Ballz.

Who will be the proud recipient of one?
You remember those sweetheart candies.  The ones in the paper box that taste like chalk?  Did anyone actually eat those?  A while back, Chef Ron began donutizing the concept, with his own crazy twist. Not-So-Sweethearts are the perfect gift for your anti-Valentine (or someone you love that appreciates a twisted sense of humor).  Not-So-Sweethearts come with loveable slogans like "I H8 U," "DOOSH," and other poetic anomalies, to truly help express your real feelings this Valentine's Day!  (editorial note: the DOOSH typo is intentional, because really, would you enjoy a donut with the correct spelling of that word on top?  Besides, the real spelling might not fit on a donut).

We're to blame for creating this heart-shaped victim of Cupid.  'Shot Thru The Heart' is literally pierced through the heart with an evil chocolate dagger. The heart is oozing raspberry jelly, and blood-red drizzle leaks ominously from its' pocky-inflicted wound.  It's our Headbanger all dressed up for the loveless; or if you really need another Bon Jovi reference...  it's the donut that gives love a bad name.

Along with our crude Valentine's Day donutrocities, we often feel compelled to show the world our soft, Psycho underbelly.  So Chef Ron created the Velvet Crush! Silky red velvet cake topped in cheezcake frosting, with tiny little hearts. There's no crush sweeter!

Beethoven's Passionata was considered by many to be his most tempestuous piano sonata; and such is the case with our Psycho Passionata. This "almost-beating heart" is filled with a piercing combination of white chocolate and passion fruit. It's topped with authentic, home spun raspberry glaze that will send your taste buds into a manic frenzy. Would you kill for love? This is the love donut to kill for!

And not to be outdone by the donutrocities above, you might flatline when you try Devil's My Heart. It'll have raspberry jelly coursing through your veins before you can call for the Nurse on Duty!

Lost Love Found, by Valery Milovic

And in the Psycho art department, it's time for our annual Anti-Valentine's Day art show!  Featuring awesome Psycho artists, including Beth Robinson, Nicolas Caesar, Christine Benjamin, Murphy Adams, Michael Foley, Carlos Villez, Valery Milovic, Eric Joyner, Laura Callin Bennett, John Cloud, and Adam Davis.

It's our annual Anti-Valentine's Day Celebration, with crazy donutrocities coming to a Psycho Pstore near you any day now!  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for Anti-Valentine donut launch updates!