Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Bigfoot Show at Psycho Donuts

The Bigfoot Show!
Psycho Donuts Campbell
April 12, 2014 from 10am - 3pm

Kepi Ghoulie, Art friends and Psycho Donuts, in conjunction with the Bigfoot Museum, are planning a special Bigfoot-themed event to raise money for the Bigfoot Museum in Felton CA! Original art, live
Bigfoot's Toe Jam
music, and crazy donut prescriptions will be your reward for attending.  Plus it's the ONLY day you'll be able to buy Bigfoot's Toe Jam (a portion of Toe Jam proceeds will directly benefit The Bigfoot Museum).  Who needs a bear claw when you can eat Bigfoot?  Here's what Jerry Salas at had to say about The Bigfoot Event.

Bigfoot Love
Murphy Adams.  $125
'Donut' miss our special art reception where Psycho customers can meet the artists, and hear live performances of Kepi Ghoulie (of Groovie Ghoulies fame) Dog Party, Dan P., and special guests – live from the Psycho Padded Cell.   The art show will continue at Psycho Campbell through May 12, 2014.  RSVP on our Facebook Event, or just show up!

Bigfoot Likes to Give Piggyback Rides
Jared Konopitski.  $40
Psycho Donuts Campbell is giddy to announce the list of artists participating in the Bigfoot show:

Portrait of Bigfoot
Christine Benjamin.  $125
Bigfoot Enjoying the Day
Jared Konopitski.  $60
Adam Davis, Allie Hartley, Allyson Seconds, Bruce Gossett, Chris Shary, Christine Benjamin, Dan Potthast, Don Vigeant, Donny Foley, Gilbert Armendariz, Greg Attonito, Jared Konopitski, John Stuart Berger, Jonny Edmondson, Julie Okahara, Kepi Ghoulie, Kevin Seconds, Kirsten Quong, Kori Thompson, Lara-Scarlett Bizzotto, Lori Herbst, Lucy Giles, Mario Estioko, Mike Borja, Murphy Adams, Michael Foley, Nicolas Caesar, Ricardo Gonzalez, Shanti Wintergate, Tom Neely, and Woody Miller

A portion of proceeds from Bigfoot donut sales and art sales will directly benefit The Bigfoot Museum.  Special thanks to Christine Benjamin and Kepi Ghoulie!