Friday, January 10, 2014

Animal Donuts Abound

Nurse Kylie making Furry Friends at Psycho San Jose
It's January, which means our nurses are in triage mode, preparing for FurrCon in Downtown San Jose.  And FurrCon is incomplete without Animal Parts...

By which we mean --  the tails and ballz of Tigers and Zebras.

Get your animal parts at Psycho San Jose and also on-site at the FurrCon event.

Attending Hempcon or Northern California Volleyball Association's Girl's Kickoff Tournament?  Psycho is on-site at the convention center, with Crazy Good treats!

Break out the Animal Parts!  Welcome Furries!


And that's not all... this time of year, our Headbanger transforms into the PandaBanger... 

But the animal we're really crazy about this year is the shark.  And for that reason, please give a warm welcome to our latest donutrocity -- Ballz of Teal!   Donut holes made of devil's food cake in Sharks fan colors, topped with messy drizzles in vanilla, chocolate, and caramel.  Look for them on game days.  Go SHARKS!
Ballz of Teal!