Sunday, January 19, 2014

No Gluten for Vladimir Putin

Will gluten addicts embark on a new wave of protests at our humble South Bay Donusylum?  What's a gluten anyways? Isn't it awesome that Gluten rhymes with Putin (more on that below)?

For our gluten-lovin' fans, 'donut' worry... We will continue to make all your gluten-laden favorites!

Ever since the auspicious launch of Psycho Donuts, customers have challenged us to take donuts to unthinkable places.  We've donutized everything from tacos, pizzas, ice cream sandwiches, to sushi. We've placed edible bugs on donuts...  Along the way, we invented our own line of vegan donutrocities.

And today, we are bouncing off the proverbial rubber walls with glutenous glee, as we announce...

'Gluten Free–Range' Donuts at Psycho Donuts!
Pstarting Psporadically on Friday, January 24

Psycho Gluten Free–Range Donuts enjoy a cage-free doughy existence, until they meet their maker. Initially, they will be available only on certain days of the week. Follow us @psychodonuts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, (and the other likely suspects...) for availability updates. Hint: Call in your order to the nurse on duty (408-533-1023), to ensure you exit the asylum with a gluten-free smile on your crazy face.  Jackie Burrell at the San Jose News Group had this to say.

Although Psycho Donuts does not have a gluten free kitchen, we make every attempt to meet your crazy needs for a gluten-restricted diet.  For this reason, we've teamed up with Melinda's Gluten Free in Santa Cruz.  Melinda provides the 'naked' gluten-free donuts, and the Psycho kooks dress them up for Psycho Pstardom.   Although we make every effort to avoid cross-gluten contamination, be aware that our Gluten Free-Range donuts occasionally have social interaction with their gluten-containing cousins, in the Psycho donut case.

And now, lettuce take a closer look at Psycho's new line-up of Gluten Free-Range Donuts!

The Sticky Pig
Golden Cake, Maple Icing, Crispy bacon. It's Gluten-free goodness without sacrificing the pork!

Chocolate Madness
Chocolate cake, Chocolate icing, Chocolate sprinkles.  It may be gluten-free, but it's still a chocoholic's dream donut!

Sochi's Choice
It's Red! It has a winter white blanket of cheesecake icing. Even the press concurs that the Winter Olympics in Sochi is INSANE...  which make Sochi the perfect victim for a Current Event Donut!  Who cares if it's too warm for snow...  We'll manufacture our own white blanket of cheesecake icing, atop the doughy slopes of this gluten-free donutrocity. Sochi's Choice is Vladimir Putin's favorite non-gluten (say that 10 times).

Psycho Pstrawberry Psupernova
Chocolate cake, Vanilla icing, and a gluten-reminiscent explosion of Strawberry drizzle.

Gluten Free-Range Donuts – roaming the Psycho Donuts display case sporadically, starting on Friday, January 24!