Friday, January 20, 2012

Who Needs Another Valentines Day Celebration

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At Psycho Donuts, we can't do anything level-headed; and that holds true on Valentine's Day. We hallucinated that many people are sans lover on this romantic day; and why should they suffer while the lovebirds are out paying twice the normal restaurant price for a romantic dinner?

So this Valentine's season, join us on our Psycho Path; and let's celebrate the underdogs of love.

It all begins with our Anti-Valentine's Day art show:

Love / Hate - An Anti-Valentine Art Pspectacle!
Show Runs January 24 - Feb 27
Artist's Open House - Sun Feb 12 from 10am - 3pm!

Looking for a Célébration De L'amour? Sorry, wrong place! With an uncommon theme of "Love Lost," this is the art show you'd expect from the world's most unusual donut shop!

Spurned by a lover? Feeling the pain of love? If the answer to these questions is yes, then donut miss this CrAzY art show! You'll find original paintings by local artists, some starting as low as $40! Artwork will be available to purchase between January 24 - Feb 27 at Psycho Donuts Campbell.

Check out the latest original work from local artists like Christine Benjamin, Nic Caesar, Murphy Adams, Carlos Villez, Jen Renzel, John Hagaman, Kori Thompson, Anthony Barbaria, Valery Milovic, Michael Foley, Lacey Bryant, and more! Meet many of these artists in person at our Love / Hate Artist's Open house on Sunday, February 12. Maybe you can learn what really inspired the insane painting you're about to purchase.

Whether you're simply lost in love or cast aside by love, our Psycho nurses have just the prescription for you. Love has never felt so bad, or tasted so good. Speaking of which...

What kinds of donuts might the Psychos create for those who are unlucky in love, you might ask? Well, for starters, there is our annual favorite...

Blue Ballz!

Say it a few times; get comfortable with the idea; because you know you want 'em! After all, they're just innocent, custard-filled, blue Psycho Ballz.

Blue Ballz hasn't scared you away yet? Then let's move on! Anti-Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without:

Shot Thru the Heart!

If you donut get to Psycho Donuts to try one, you're to blame! This heart-shaped donut is pierced through the heart with an evil chocolate pocky stick. The heart is oozing with raspberry jelly, and blood-red drizzle leaks ominously from the pocky-inflicted wound. Think of it as the Headbanger for the loveless.

Everyone remembers those sweethearts candies. You remember... the heart-shaped candies with the cute and lovable slogans. Chef Ron decided to donutize sweetheart candies; only with slight twist (as if making a donut version of Sweethearts wasn't already pretty twisted).


Give it to someone you really don't like on Valentine's Day (or someone you love with a sense of humor?). Not-So-Sweethearts come with memorable slogans like "I H8 U," "DOOSH," and other poetic anomalies, helping you to express your real feelings this Valentine's Day!

And there ya have it. Valentine's Day is not just for lovers anymore. Check out the Love / Hate art show through February 27 at Psycho Campbell, along with our Love / Hate Artist's Open House on Sunday Feb 12. And donut miss our insane line-up of loveless donutrocities at Psycho Campbell and Psycho San Jose!