Monday, January 16, 2012

Farewell Furry Flurry

Farewell to the fanatical flurry of furry fandom (say that 10 times!). Psycho Donuts San Jose was a lightning rod for our new furry friends who came to this year's Further Confusion Conference! Wolves, tigers, tails, and crazy creatures with wing spans of 10 feet long all walked the Psycho plank and enjoyed some tasty Psycho morsels.

What drove the furries into Psycho Donuts was Animal Parts! Furries exercised cannibalistic tendencies, with a voracious appetite for Tails and even Ballz. Tigers and zebras were running scared, as the Psycho kitchen scrambled to harvest an ample supply of ballz to satisfy furry demand.

And that wasn't all! Psycho Donuts was invited to judge the Furry Talent Show on the last night of the conference.

Nurses Micaela and Siobhan exercised their judicial skills masterfully, making critical furry talent decisions. Psycho was honored to be among the esteemed panel of judges for the event.

Psycho looks forward to another crazy furry conference next year!

And speaking of strange events and themed balls, anyone catch the Michael Jackson Immortal show at The HP Pavilion this past weekend? Psycho Donuts was prepared with extra helping of MJ Ballz for all concert goers. What better way to supplement your Michael Jackson tribute concert!

A Psuper Psycho thanks to Eye on the Bay, for including Psycho Donuts in their Day Trip San Jose episode on Thursday night, January 12. The Psycho psecret is no more!