Friday, March 21, 2014

Farewell Chef Ron and Helloooo Ashley

With a Psycho Psigh, we sing So Long, Farewell to our Doctor of Donut Derangement.  After inventing some of the world's most creative donutrocities, and creating world-wide donut fame for Donut Guy and himself alike, Chef Ron Levi is returning the the relatively small market segment of "non-donutary" food.   We wish Ron a crazy successful career.  He can usually be found making culinary waves at Calafia Café in Palo Alto.

There's a new Surgeon General in Town!
Is anyone crazy enough to fill those demented shoes?  Enter Nurse Ashley; or if we may, Psycho Surgeon General Ashley?  Nurse Ashley deserves a serious round of applause (and probably a serious round of drinks too).  

Ashley is a graduate of the International Culinary Center, and joined Psycho Donuts in 2012 as a nurse trainee at Psycho San Jose.  From the day she joined, Ashley was on a mission.  In her care, customers never missed out on a bubble wrap experience and Psycho San Jose literally sparkled at the end of each shift – as she quickly became a role model of Psycho Pspirit. Needless to say, Ashley was quickly promoted to Psycho Psupervisor.  Within a year, she was again promoted to Assistant Store Manager (we really need a psycho title for our ASMs, right? Email us and win a free half dozen Psychos if we use your idea).

The nice thing about a small company is a flat hierarchy. Only 15 promotions later, Ashley was ready to kill for the top spot. There were rumors of death threats... Was Ashley to blame?  Some things remain shrouded in mystery.  We're just saying that Ashley really wanted – and deserved – the craziest job in Silicon Valley.

Congrats on your promotion Ashley!
In between juggling schedules, payroll, staffing, vendors, inventory (and 400 things not covered in her job description), you'll find Ashley currently developing a Bigfoot Donut, something clever for National Donut Day, and even a Spam donut (more on that soon!). 

Despite the never-ending attempts of Donut Guy to preempt Ashley's entire existence, she manages to maintain a thin shred of sanity (well, not really sanity) amidst the Psycho chaos.

So here's a little more about Ashley in her own words.  "...I'm having a hard time thinking of things to write about myself! Um, I'm perpetually pink with my hair and stuff? I'm a huge nerd who enjoys Star Trek, video and board games, and Sailor Moon. Um. Um. Um. I know how to tie a cherry stem with my tongue? I love musicals? I'm an avid blackjack player? I can say the alphabet backwards? I know all the presidents we've ever had, in the correct order?"

You had us at tying a cherry stem with your own tongue...!  Things do not always happen as they should when it comes to careers and companies... but occasionally, the cream rises to the top. We're Psuper proud of you, Ashley!