Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tacos and Fries Donutized

Remember when you were a kid; you'd lay in the grass staring at the clouds, calling out interesting shapes? Chief Psycho was that annoying kid calling out, "Round Cake Donut with Cocoa Puffs" or "Buttermilk Bar with Maple and Bacon." The point is, almost anything could be a donut, even a cloud.

What else could be a donut? Or maybe a better question - is there anything that couldn't be a donut?! Let's start with french fries and tacos.

Psycho Donuts is thrilled to announce the re-launch of Donut Fries, v2.0, launching on May 1!  Psycho fans were agitated - almost to the point of restraint - when we discontinued Donut Fries in 2011. Sometimes products need a return trip to the drawing board (or baking table). Case in point - the iPhone is much better now, with a working antenna! With donut fries, we had our own proverbial broken antenna to fix - but Chef Ron has created a tasty new version of Donut Fries that you're gonna love! And as always, you'll have your choice of dipping sauces - either ketchup or mayo (er, jelly or custard - but use your imagination).  Come and get some Donut Fries starting on May 1.

Back in December, we had a contest to see who could create the best Psycho version of Ding Fries are Done - in anticipation of Donut Fries 2.0! Our Psycho Fan (and esteemed Foursquare Mayor) Helen Garcia won the contest with this great rendition of Donut Fries are Done!

Many Psycho fans have been asking when TacOnuts will return for Psycho Pspring Pseason. The time has arrived! Pstarting on Wednesday April 25, it's the return of the Pstrawberry TacOnut! We start with a unique "DonuTaco." Inside the fresh taco shell you'll find a mountain of fresh strawberries topped with vanilla butter cream. Look for other varieties fresh fruit TacOnuts, as their own Psycho Pseason approaches!

And there ya have it - Donut Fries and Pstrawberry TacOnuts! Anything can be donutized! More proof that the meaning of life is donuts... or is it 42?