Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Travel Channel Going Psycho and other Halloween oddities

Psycho Halloween is in full Pswing! Green donuts, zombie nurses, our craziest art show of the year, and so much more!

And Psycho Press Galore!

Psycho Donuts is delirious -- in general. But also because The Travel Channel is taking a walk on the Psycho Pside. Check out "Halloween Crazy." The show will feature Psycho Donuts
and other interesting haunts across the USA . Toon in this weekend at the following times (PST times below):
  • Sunday, Oct 30 - 9:00pm and midnight
  • Monday, Oct 31 - 8:00pm
  • Tuesday, Nov 1 - 3:00am (late night partiers and insomniacs only!)

Psycho Donuts has also been invited to a live radio event at The Winchester Mystery House, along with Sarah and Vinnie from Alice Radio, at 97,3 fm. Stop by for some crazy fun on Halloween morning!

Chef Ron has earned his Psycho wings (is there such a thing?).
Ron has earned the distinctive title, 'Dr., Demented Donuts.' In a sane company, he might be regarded as General Manager. Huge congratulations for a promotion well-deserved. Between managing two stores along with a constant stream of new donut creations, Ron will soon take up permanent space in our padded cell! And with that, we bring you another Ronvention!

A warm welcome to our latest Halloween dontrocity. If you fear a vampire bite this Halloween... There's no need to fear, Vampire Repellant is here! Garlic? In a donut? But that's crazy! We start with a filling that combines GarlicIt and lemon. We then top this 'protector of humanity' with vanilla icing and a red sugar anti-vampire symbol. Guaranteed to keep those pesky vampire at bay. Psycho Donuts is always there to protect you! Read all about Vampire Repellant on SF Gate.

And check out our Trick 'r Treat Ballz! They're orange cake Psycho Ballz, topped with tangy sugar. Most of them are treats, except for the occasional trick. You'll know when you've discovered a trick...

Check the Psycho Facebook for other new Halloween Psycho Pspecials, and Happy Halloween!