Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Monster MashUp, Zombie Ballz, The Exorcist, and it must be October

Halloween is upon us, and the world is expecting craziness from Psycho Donuts this year! So let's get into it!

Our Psycho kitchen is working frantically on an insane variety of donutrocities, including Zombie Ballz. Get a tray of them for $2.50; or if you just want a couple, order a pair of Zombie Cajones for a buck. No wonder zombies are always so agitated...! Launching end of September.

Then there's Trick or Treat. These donut holes all look the same, and most of them are a treat... except when they're not! Watch out for the tricks!

Like Cruellers? Then you'll love our Zombie Crawller. This crueller is light and fluffly on the inside, but is pure zombie on the outside. Is that the definition of fusion?!

Our annual Psycho art show is creeping up.

Mark your Google Calendar for
October 15, starting at 10am for
Psycho Monster MashUp!

We're mashing together original artwork (by local artists such as Christine Benjamin, Nic Caesar, John Hageman, Michael Foley, Lacey Bryant and more), along with Psycho Karaoke in the padded cell. If you've never experienced Psycho Karaoke, you haven't lived! Join us with our fearless karaoke leader, Bruce Rogers of Korkaraoke.

Mash that up a little further with off-the-wall donuts, and zombified nurses - and there you have it!

Psycho Donuts has its own radio station at! Led by our own Nurse Dylan, Guilty Pleasures is a weekly radio show, which airs 6pm pst every Monday night. Tune in to hear all the songs you like, but might be afraid to admit. Got a song request? Send us a suggestion!

Its raining new nurses at Psycho Donuts! We'd like to extend a CrAzY Psycho welcome to Nurses Aleena, Lea, Emmie, Megan, and Kim.

If Psycho Donuts didn't already have a cult following, it does now! Psycho
San Jose, in conjunction with Camera 3 is extending its cult movie series!

Check out Rocky
Horror Picture show every other Saturday night - with live cast Barely Legal. Join us for upcoming Rocky showings on Saturday, Oct 1 and Saturday, October 15. And its The Exorcist, showing October 13 and 15. You never know what kind of donuts we might create in honor of these crazy good films!

Our Psycho Vegan department is giddy to announce the release of our October Vegan of the Month: The Blueberry CheezFake. Donut tell the carnivores this one is vegan and they might even like it... It's a blueberry vegan cake donut, topped with graham cracker crumbs, and a cheesecake buttercream. Vegans unite!

Check out the new variety of crazy drinks in the Psycho Campbell Cooler. In addition to our usual line-up of Duff Beer and Zombie energy drinks, we now have a wide array of unusual flavors including Cock and Bull, and Rat Bastard. They fun and funny to drink, all at the same time!