Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pstars, Pstripes, and Sticky Monkeys

With so much going on at Psycho Donuts - Reality Shows, Pop Art Exhibits, Press Coverage... we almost forgot about a little thing called donuts (actually, we didn't). Fear not, Chef Ron toils away in the Psycho kitchen just for you! And it's all about the donuts, right?! So lettuce talk about donuts!

This Friday, get in here for the launch of 2 insane new donuts!

Pstars and Pstripes

Are you the patriotic sort? If not, then buy Pstars and Pstripes for your neighbor - that All-American guy who hangs the flag at every conceivable US holiday - especially The 4th of July. Pstars and Pstripes would reduce Uncle Sam to tears. Packed with raspberry on the inside, this heart shaped patriot is topped in all the primary colors that matter. Each state of the union delivers a tasteful chocolate-rice crunch when eaten.

The Sticky Monkey

How to describe this naughty monkey?
Think "Banana Fosters Fusion." We start with a fresh fried fritter (say that 10 times), and fill it up with fresh bananas and rum (did that psycho just say rum?). Top it off with gooey caramel and sea salt. And there ya have it.

Get in to Psycho Campbell or Psycho San Jose starting Friday, July 1. And enjoy our latest donutrocities - Pstars and Pstripes, and The Sticky Monkey. Only at Psycho Donuts!