Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Roll out the Psycho Press

The press has been crazy for Psycho Donuts in the past week. Will there be a Psycho Reality Show? With creations like our first Donut Wedding Cake, anything is possible! This donut cake, stage left, is a 4-tiered monster created for an adventurous couple - for their recent wedding in Monterey. It's 4-tiers of donut delirium, with a variety of cake donuts and fillings - all based on the crazy couple's deepest donut desires. Psycho was forced to spread its birdlike wings to pull it off - and now, we're poised for anything and everything... and so... we say to The Food Network, The Cooking Channel, and TLC - BRING IT ON! People ask about the premise behind a Psycho Reality Show. We got the world's craziest donuts, donut pizzas, donut tacos, donut burgers, donut fries, and donut cakes. Does Ace of Cakes have beautiful cake nurses? Does Cake Boss place customers in a padded cell? Did Donald Trump ever stand a chance?

Whether or not a Psycho Reality Show materializes, people sure seem to be psyched about the idea; including our new friend George Kiriyama from NBC 11 News; who filmed this crazy gem live at Psycho Campbell last week. And if that wasn't enough, our new crazy friend Julissa Ortiz from Good Day Sacramento filmed at Psycho Donuts live - for those donut-deprived souls in Sacramento. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this psycho TV pspectacle.

And the insane news continues. Psycho is giddy to be included in Yahoo's line-up article, Rise of the Super Donut. And it seems Yahoo! can't get enough of Psycho. Writer Michelle Alaimo covered Psycho in Yahoo! Local, regarding our upcoming PsychoPop Art Show. And writer Casey Jay of the Campbell Reporter had this to say.

All this donut blogging keeps the Chief Psycho from important tasks, like popping leftover bubble wrap, and eating leftover donuts. So it's rewarding to see a recent article from Ronda Del Boccio about the value of good copywriting, using this very Psycho Blog as a crazy case in point. And speaking of psycho bloggers, Michelle wrote about Psycho Donuts in her blog, Savor the Salt.

Stay tuned for a swirling mass of upcoming Psycho announcements, and hope to see you at Psycho Donuts psoon!