Sunday, February 27, 2011

Attack of the High School Artists and Tequila Sunrise Donuts

We hope you made it to our 2 Year Anniversary and Oscars VIP Event. Crazy thanks to our existing fans and "Psycho Virgins" alike! If you were there, you may have witnessed the return of 3 lost donuts to the Psycho Mother Ship. Manic Malt, Butternut, and Lightning Lemon - lost donut souls who all found their way home safely - only to be abruptly eaten to death by rabid Psycho cannibals.

The event
was Emcee'd by The Notorious Miss Julie, who has the innate genetic skill to convert any ole thang into a crazy party! A big thanks to Miss Julie and Nurse Dylan for the idea and execution (psorry, is this sounding like an Oscar pspeech?). Thanks also to our friends at Natasha's Attic for some amazing costumes, our volunteer gang of psycho paparazzi, and our DJ VIPs - Sandy Stec from Mix 106.5FM, and Cap'n Jack from Foothill College's 89.7FM.

Psycho Chef Ron is on a cocktail donut binge. Startin
g Monday Feb 28, try our Tequila Sunrise Donut. It's loaded up with tequila creme on the inside, then topped with orange icing, grenadine, and a maraschino cherry on top. Now that's Psycho Donuts!

But that's not all... check out our new Vegan 'o The Month -- The Neopo
litan. It's a strawberry vegan cake donut, topped with half chocolate and half vanilla. Hey, it works for ice cream.

udent art is invading Psycho Campbell! Starting on Monday, come check out Psycho-inspired artwork from students of Westmont High School. And beginning on Tuesday, the Psycho nutcase will be overtaken by Charlotte Kruk's art students from Lynbrook High School. Check out some of their amazing psycho ceramic creations, inspired by some crazy donut shop.