Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Psycho Wins... again! Thanks to The Metro and all our fans for voting Psycho Donuts Best Donut Shop in The Bay Area for 2011 - 3 years running. Yes, we are a cult donut shop, but please donut be afraid, we're not quite like Hare Krishna Donuts - we have a "No Brainwashing Policy" at Psycho Donuts. Give us a try, and learn why Maxim Magazine ranks our S'mores Donut one of The Top 10 in the US! Join our cult today!

St. Patty is watching over us, and demands that you try one of our crazy donuts inspired by The Patron Saint of Ireland himself. F
or starters, chillax with our Cadillac Margarita Donut - part of Chef Ron's series of Cocktail donuts. The Cadillac Margarita has a tequilla creme filling, and is topping with green icing, a lime candy wedge, and coarse
margarita salt.

Once you've tried the Cadillac Margarita donut, you'll lose control - and you'll become an insane leprechaun - anxious for any Irish-inspired donut creation. At that point, you'll be powerless to refuse our Lucky Charms Donut! It's a Shamrock donut, green icing, and Lucky Charms on top. Didn't you always wish your Lucky Charms had more marshmallows and less of that boring cereal stuff? Your wish has come true - our Lucky Charms donut is the cereal you always imagined as a kid. Come get one this week - with extra charms marshmallows - at Psycho Campbell and Psycho San Jose.

Tiger Blood has invaded Psycho Donuts. This donut has quite a uniq
ue sheen. And so it is that Web Granger, our PhD (Professor of Hysterical Donuts) has taken it upon himself to create our latest Current Event Donut. Tiger Blood is a jelly filled beast. It's not just any jelly filling, it's infused with Tiger Blood. Eat one of these, and you'll have a million Twitter followers in no time. You'll be able to quit your job and launch a standup career. You'll be able to do more as a single man than 2.5 men could ever accomplish! The benefits of our Tiger Blood donut are beyond rationality. You might find yourself craving a dozen of our cocktail donuts as a chaser, but no matter... Tiger Blood donuts, now at Psycho Donuts... and nowhere else...

hos at your Door? Believe it! Now you can have Psycho Donuts delivered to your workplace i
n Santa Clara County - by a licensed Psycho Nurse (ok, they're not licensed, but who really cares?). Check out our Psycho at Your Door Program - where the best Bay Area donuts come knocking at your door, complete with a Psycho Nurse - who will impart bubblewrap therapy upon your patients, er, coworkers. Arrange your Psycho Nurse delivery today!

Believe it or not, it's almost time for Psycho Rocky Horror again! Have
you seen the Barely Legal cast perform Rocky Horror, live at Psycho San Jose and Camera 3? Have you had one of our Janet's Panties donuts to accompany your cult movie binge? If you haven't, the time is approaching. Rocky Horror at Psycho San Jose and Camera 3... Saturday March 26 -- doors open at 11:00pm.