Sunday, February 6, 2011

Anniversary and Oscars Event

Here come the Psycho Terrible Twos! That's right crazy friends, it's been almost two years since the dark days of Economic Doom and Psycho Controversy. And in these short two years - through a complex process of psycho mitosis - there are now evil twin Psycho locations in both Campbell and San Jose.

Our second anniversary coincides with The Oscars weekend. There are no coincidences... Join us at Psycho Campbell on Saturday February 26 for The Psycho Two Year Anniversary and Oscars Party, hosted by The Nororious Miss Julie! What makes this event so pspecial?

For starters --
you are the VIP at this party. Dress for your walk of fame. You'll walk the leopard-skin carpet up the Psycho Psidewalk (OK, it's not quite The Kodak Theater, but still...). Interview and photo opps will abound, and you'll be pstalked by our own faux psychorazi. The best-dressed (and worst-dressed!) will get prizes, to be announced. Watch for some authentic local VIPs to walk the Psycho Psidewalk. All starting at 10am at Psycho Donuts Campbell! Get the Oscar fame you deserve - the Psycho Way - on Saturday February 26!

It's become a tradition on our anniversary to invite Ghosts of Donuts Past to return for Donut Homecoming. What ever became of wayward donuts like Manic Malt, Lightning Lemon, Butternut, Headbanger's Evil Twin - and so many more? Wanna help welcome these lost donuts home? Join us on Saturday February 26 at Psycho Campbell for our 2 Year Anniversary and Oscars Party!

And speaking of Psycho Events, were you there for Lovesick this weekend? If you missed it, your loss. It was crazy good fun. Our friend Bruce Rogers of Korkaraoke brought the karaoke fun, and Psycho Karaoke rocked the padded cell all morning long!

We had an amazing original art show of anti-love themed pieces, from artists like Christine Benjamin, Deborah Barba, Carlos Villez, John Hageman, Sheri DeBow, Kurtis Rykovich, Lacey Bryant, Laura Collin Bennett, Michael Foley, Michelle Waters, Nicolas Caesar, and Christian Cinder.

Who doesn't love crazy art and Psycho Karaoke? But let's not forget the name of the pstore... we had some pseriously crazy donuts too. Psycho Chef Ron is on pfire (hmm, can we do a silent "p" before an "f" too?). We launched the Strawberry Margarita Donut this weekend. Donut miss this one. It's filled with tequilla creme, and topped with strawberry icing, freeze dried strawberries, a swirl of vanilla icing, and coarse margarita salt. This one's a game changer. And you can still get one through Valentine's Day!

This weekend also saw the return of Blue Balls! You've been frustrated and waiting impatiently since last Valentine's Day - but they've returned in their full and bursting, psmurfish glory. Blue Balls are custard-filled donut holes, coated in blue sugar. And they're still available through Valentine's Day.

Have you had a French Kiss? You might rethink your answer, cause you haven't experienced a French Kiss until you've had a Psycho French Kiss. The French kiss has a chocolate-drizzled cherry-topped sheen, and is filled with a homemade chocolate creme filling. Yep, you can still get one through Valentine's Day.

And finally, Valentine's Day at Psycho Donuts would not be complete without our Valentine staple (as in... surgical staple), Shot Thru the Heart. This jelly filled donut has a serious heartache, caused by the pocky stick piercing it's fragile heart.

Get your Psycho Valentine Donuts - inspired by a truly demented Psycho kitchen staff - through Valentine's Day, only at Psycho Donuts!