Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bubblewrap, Kazoos, Rocky Horror, and Lovesick

You probably think that we sit around dreaming up holidays like Bubblewrap Appreciation Day. Although we did not invent this killer holiday, we are crazy enough to celebrate it. We've asked our nurses to get creative with bubblewrap... Come to Psycho Donuts Campbell or San Jose on Monday January 24, and check out our bubblewrap culture in all its psycho glory!

And speaking of unusual and crazy holidays... this Friday is National Kazoo Day! Don't shoot the messenger; we really don't create these holidays (although they are neatly spelled out by date in the 2011 Psycho Nurse Calendar). We're only guilty of capitalizing on them - as a means of luring you into our den of donut dysfunction. Come to Psycho Donuts Campbell this Friday, starting
at 3pm. You'll meet Capt'n Kazoo and the infamous Kazoomobile. Get a free kazoo while supplies last! National Kazoo Day - only at Psycho Donuts Campbell. Friday, January 28, starting after school,at 3pm.

Are the above antics a little too off-beat for you? Looking for somethin
g more "mainstream?" Maybe you're more of the Rocky Horror type? If so, you're in luck, because the Barely Legal cast will perform The Rocky Horror Picture at Camera 3 and Psycho San Jose this Saturday night, January 29. Pre-show starts at 11:30pm. Last call for alcohol is 11pm, so show up early for one of our Rocky-inspired donuts and a beer before the show! Get your tickets in advance - this is almost always a sell-out show.

And get ready, because you're gonna be Lovesick! Our
kickoff event for the Valentine's Day season is coming up on Saturday, February 5! Lovesick is the place to pick up a piece of original artwork inspired by the effects of love (which are not always positive). If you're truly feeling lovesick, come to Lovesick for some good 'ole Psycho Karaoke in the Padded Cell, with our good friend Bruce Rogers of Korkaraoke. And of course, your favorite Psycho Valentine's Day donuts will be on hand - who remembers Shot Thru the Heart, and Blueballs?? Donut miss the fun! Saturday February 5, starting at 10am - only at Psycho Donuts Campbell.