Saturday, July 17, 2010

That's Curiously Strange!

Altoids are amazing. Did you ever wonder how they pack so much flavor into such a tiny white package? And now, they're not just for eating out of a tin anymore. Check out our new Donut Pspecial for the week of July 19 - Curiously Strange. This raised donut is topped with vanilla icing, coarsely chopped bits of peppermint Altoids, chocolate chips, and a chocolate drizzle. We really weren't so sure that Altoids would really work on a donut; so we conducted some taste tests on guinea pigs, er, customers, this weekend. The concensus is that Curiously Strange creates a serious Christmas peppermint sensation in your mouth. Give it a try - this week only.

And enjoy the pspecial Vegan Nutter this week only. It's a vegan cake donut, topped with chocolate icing, Nutter Butter cookies, and peanut butter. There's never been a better time to go vegan.

These donutrocities will be available beginning on Monday, July 19 all week long. Hope to see you this week at Psycho Donuts!