Monday, April 19, 2010

Maxim Goes Crazy, and Dust Bunnies Appearing on 4/20!

Psycho Donuts is giddy to be listed in Maxim Magazine's, "10 Best Donuts From Coast to Coast!" One of our most popular donuts -The S'mores Donut - won this distinction in the May 2010 issue of Maxim.

Recent reports indicate that The S'mores Donut suddenly refuses to share his tray with other donuts in the Psycho display case. Fame can be that way... And other sources indicate that a S'mores Donut was spotted with a Maxim model.

If you've not tried our S'mores donut, come early... S'mores will be a hot commodity for quite a while!

And now this -- Psycho Donuts is pleased to release a special one-day menu item on Tuesday 4/20. Hmmm, maybe not the item you were thinking of... but still, you'll like this. For one day only (Tuesday 4/20 - beginning at 4:21pm) - come and get your Dust Bunnies.

Dust Bunnies are mostly harmless. They are balled-up creatures with absurd coatings (some have been spotted with coats of strawberry, blueberry, malted milk ball dust, and more). These demented creatures appear at Psycho Donuts on a certain day of each year. It's reminiscent of those animals that come out on Groundhog Day - what are those things called again? Oh yeah, groundhogs. Sorry, all this 4/20 talk is going to my head.

And just like groundhogs on Groundhog Day... there's no guarantee you'll see Dust Bunnies - unless you show up pretty close to 4:21pm - because they are endangered species. But here's the kicker -- if you ask the Psycho Nurse in just the right way, she will prepare your Dust Bunnies in the most unique to-go packaging. But you gotta know how to ask properly... follow us on Twitter or Facebook to learn the appropriate dust bunny vernacular...

And finally, for our good friends in Santa Cruz... We wouldn't miss a chance to spend some time with you on 4/20! Psycho Donuts will be on sale at Altared's performance - An Evening of Stoner Songs Performed in Minor Keys. If you've not seen an Altared show, all I can say is - don't miss it. The show is at The Kuumbwa Jazz Center at 7pm.