Monday, April 5, 2010

Pimp Your Donut with Flavor Therapy, and more!

PsychEaster was a blast! Hope you were able to join us! As usuAdd Imageal, Korkaraoke provided the karaoke, and we had some great singers (and some not-so-great singers too)! Where else can you catch live Karaoke at 10am on Easter Sunday? Please Do Not Fight played a live set in the afternoon to cap off a truly insane Easter Sunday at Psycho Donuts!

In addition to PsychEaster, Psycho Donuts also crashed the Downtown Campbell Bunnies and Bonnets Parade on Saturday. Thanks to Sally Howe and everyone else who worked to put this crazy parade together. For the most part, we behaved, and restrained ourselves from some of the really crazy parade ideas we had!

A special thanks to The Fremont Union High School. A 3D Design instructor named Charlotte Kruk had this crazy Psycho Donuts-inspired idea. She had her class create ceramic Psycho donuts. Come check it out - we're showcasing some of these crazy Psycho representations in our store over the next month!

And now it's on to Psycho Flavor Therapy. Flavor what? Did you ever buy a Psycho Donut and think, "this donut is just not psycho enough..." Why should crazy have a ceiling?! We don't put limits on our insanity... which is why we've recently launched "Pimp Your Donut." For just 65 cents, you get a test tube filled with your flavorite therapy - which you can inflict upon your donut. Whatever your situation, we have the flavor therapy for you: Strawberry, Pineapple, Blueberry, Oero Dust, Malted Milk ball bits, ButterFinger zingers, and more. Try them all. Pimp your Psycho donut today!

And finally, a special thanks to our new friends at Teagre. Owner Victoria Boyert and her business partner were on hand at PsychEaster, offering samples of some insanely great loose leaf teas. If you're looking for some really great teas - including a Mate tea that will drive you crazy - give Victoria a call!