Thursday, April 1, 2010

The PsychEaster Grand Finale & April Fools!

The Easter donuts continue to roll off the Psycho assembly line with frightening accuracy. We've always been on the borderline of irreverance, but we poke fun in a harmless way - and nothing is immune from our incessant poking... nothing! And with that disclaimer in place, let's move on to the climax of our PsychEaster series.

Passion of the Christ is a heavenly body-shaped raised donut, filled with organic white chocolate and passion fruit. Some of you may remember this serious gourmet filling in a prior Valentine's Day donut. Same filling - waaaaaay different donut. It may be irreverant, but we hear it's Mel's favorite non-kosher donut.

And what PsychEaster would be complete without He is Risen. This donut is definitely raised, but also glazed. It's completed by a chocolate crown of thorns.

And there ya have it folks. Our PsychEaster Line-up: Rabbit Roadkill, Massive Egg Trauma, Hot Chick, Passion of the Christ, and He is Risen (and maybe a surprise or two). Order 'em by the PsychEaster basket by calling our DoNurse at 408-378-4540. And join us this Sunday for our PsychEaster event, with Karaoke at 10am, and a live musical performance by Please Do Not Fight at 1:45pm.

For those of you who came to Psycho Donuts for "Lab Day" today - maybe you discovered that we told a few little lies. OK, not really lies... more like April Fools Day untruths. For example, there were no Nurses with Fire and Creme Brulee donuts... but we did have a donut case filled with 20 varieties of glazed donuts! The looks on faces were hysterical... "hey, where are the crazy donuts?" The Invisible Glazed donut was very popular, and what a bargain at $.25.

And our personalized designer coffee? Sanka.

We hung some new original art on the wall for the occasion; for some reason it didn't sell (see photo to the right).

And our band? No, it wasn't a Norwegian Kazoo band as advertised... it was killer Indie Seattle band called Endeverance. We hope to see them again!

And I'm sure that many of you discovered a phantom sticker on your back sometime during the day... hey, we're all about free advertising.