Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Psycho Passionata Arriveth...

Please extend a warm Psycho welcome to our latest Valentine oddity - The Psycho Passionata. This bad boy represents the creation of an entirely new food category: Fusion Donuts. Created in conjunction with pastry chefs extraordinaire, this "almost-beating heart" arrives at your taste buds with a piercing filling of white chocolate and passion fruit. It's then topped with an authentic, home spun raspberry glaze that will send your taste buds into a manic frenzy. Would you kill for love? This is the love donut to kill for!

Beethoven's aPassionata was considered by many to be his most tempestuous piano sonata; and such is the case with our Psycho Passionata. Get yours starting on Friday Feb 12, through Sunday, Feb 14 - or while supplies last. This gourmet donut is like none other; don't miss out on this tastebuddy.

Hope to see you on Sunday Feb 14 at Tainted Love; beginning at 10am - only at... don't ya know by now?